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Reduce your risks and training costs with the power of e-learning technology

Available anytime and in multiple languages, UpSkill is one of the most innovative certification platforms on the market, with verified content and integrity protection measures built in for a complete peace of mind.

Our current course, Foundation, is based on the UK's Ethical Trading Initiative base code and the ILO conventions. An independent assessment by the University of York of the UpSkill pilot in Bangladesh concluded that "UpSkill is a comprehensive training tool which can satisfy the heterogeneous training needs of factories' management." (Source: The UpSkill Pilot Assessment, December 2014)


Who is behind UpSkill?

We are a team of social and ethical compliance experts, with broad professional backgrounds and qualifications. The industry-standard Learning Provider Accreditation has been awarded to Green Grade Solutions by the Learning and Performance Institute (


In addition to delivering pioneering solutions for a safer workplace, we are constantly innovating concepts that can significantly reduce risks and training costs.


We collate anonymised data from clients for analysis and research purposes. We can provide in-depth cross factory reports that highlight key areas associated with the level of ethical compliance knowledge.


UpSkill's ethical compliance and safety content is based on first-hand experience gained through factory remediation projects and site visits in different countries. It was written by a team of experts, including certified auditors, and was peer reviewed and approved by the global inspection firm Bureau Veritas.


Our customer service centres provide technical, sales and training support both in English and Bengali.

Products we offer

UpSkill encompasses the versatility and flexibility to offer solutions catering towards a broad range of client types.



E-learning designed to empower

Our platform offers innovative and affordable training methodology which ensures an immersive learning experience. It's designed to strengthen a company's reputation and to increase motivation and morale among staff members. Our courses are based on renowned international guidelines and best practices. Better still, UpSkill's clever design reduces any disruption of the daily operations to a minimum as the participants can conveniently take the courses at their own time, and at their own pace.



E-Learning Anytime Anywhere

The UpSkill mobile app allows users to access the course irrespective of an internet connection making it perfect for staff members to fit the e-learning into their busy work schedules or to access when at home or even while commuting.

The package includes a low cost tablet with the app installed which can be shared and used by multiple users all from a single device.

The tablet also provides ground breaking invigilation techniques during the examination process providing a high level of integrity behind the certification process.



Supply chain in a snapshot

We gather data gained from suppliers and factories within the clients supply chain and provide in-depth analysis reports.

This provides a snapshot of the current ethical compliance knowledge levels amongst managers within individual factories as well as a tool for cross comparison with other manufacturers in the supply chain.

The metrics gained from the data analysis aids our clients with the on-boarding process of new factories where the results from reports can be used to assess risk at an establishment prior to further engagement with the manufacturer.



Internalise Us

We recognize the need for businesses to have their own tailored courses for internal training.

UpSkill Corporate offers a platform that provides the client with the flexibility of either adding new questions and content to the course or for existing content to be changed as needed to meet internal training goals and objectives.

This package is hosted on a dedicated URL with the option to place a company's logo for internalisation of the platform within the organisation.

Pricing tables

We have flexible pricing options that caters to your needs.



  • Practice Access
  • Mock Access
  • Foundation Handbook
  • Multi-Lingual (English & Bengali)
  • Tech and Applications Support
  • Exam Certificate not included


Limited Release - By invitation 0

  • Dedicated Tablet
  • Practice/Mock/Exam Access
  • No internet required
  • Mutli-Lingual (English & Bengali)
  • Tech annd Applications Support
  • Certificate


From  12/month per site

  • Factory ratings
  • Individual/Comparative reports
  • Risk Assessments
  • Drill down of key areas
  • Bespoke data options
  • Tech and Applications Support


From  99/month (25 users)

  • Create your own courses
  • Add/Edit questions and content
  • In-House Learning Certification
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Tech and Applications Support
  • Custom Branding

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